French prosecutors demand jail sentence for ex-president

Nicolas Sarkozy accused of corruption and attempted bribery

In France, the prosecutor’s office requested four years of imprisonment for the former president of the country, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is accused of corruption and attempted bribery, of which two were suspended.

It is reported by DW.

The former head of state, in addition to corruption, is accused of attempting to bribe a judge and use his official position.

He was also previously suspected of accepting illegal donations from co-owner of L’Oreal cosmetics company Liliane Bettencourt to fund his 2007 election campaign. He was acquitted of this charge, but then his telephone conversations with a lawyer were intercepted, and the received new evidence.

The current trial against Sarkozy began at the end of November 2020 — the politician is accused of trying to influence the of Betancourt’s donations while already in office.

According to the investigation, in 2014, Sarkozy offered the prosecutor at the Court of Cassation Gilbert Azibert a promotion and appointment in Monaco in exchange for information on the progress of the investigation.

Together with the ex-president, his lawyer Thierry Herzog and Gilbert Azibert are in the dock. For them, the prosecutor’s office asks for the same punishment as for Sarkozy.

Recall that in 2019, the French Court of Cassation ruled that the former President of the country, Nicolas Sarkozy, should face a criminal court for excessive spending on his 2012 election campaign, in which he lost to socialist Francois Hollande.

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