France refreshed COVID-19 daily gain record

Due to active transmission in France, a further increase in hospitalizations is forecast.

In France, almost 17 thousand people were infected with coronavirus COVID-19 in a day. The total number of cases of infection in the country is 606 625, reported on Saturday, October 3, the agency Sante Publique France, under the Ministry of Health.

“16,972 cases of infection have been registered in France in the last 24 hours,” it said.

According to the agency’s specialists, this is the highest rate of daily increase in infections since the abolition of quarantine in the republic in mid-May. Before that, the highest number of infected per day — 16,096 — was recorded on September 24. At the same time on Friday, the authorities reported about a little more than 12 thousand infected with the coronavirus.

During one day 49 patients with COVID-19 died in hospitals of the country. Approximately the same number of fatal cases were registered in previous days. The total number of deaths after infection with coronavirus, according to updated information, is 32 198. From this number, about 21,5 thousand lethal cases were registered in hospitals.

During the last week, more than 4 thousand patients with COVID-19 were admitted to medical institutions. Of these, 849 are infected in the intensive care units.

Analyzing the indicators of daily monitoring, the agency specialists stressed that “on the French mainland the virus circulation is at a high level”.

“The number of positive test results is growing. However, the number of newly confirmed cases and, consequently, the morbidity rate is stable compared to the previous week,” the agency stressed.

It was also noted that “the number of departments where the virus is actively circulating remains high (66)”. At the same time, according to representatives of the agency, “due to the active transmission of infection from person to person the further growth of hospitalizations is predicted”.

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