France is reintroducing national quarantine

France is reintroducing national quarantine

The French will need a written certificate to leave the house. However, they will be able to go to work, to the hospital, and to shopping, and they will be allowed to walk near the house.

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All over France, from Friday, October 30, a regime of self-isolation will be introduced against the background of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. This was announced on Wednesday by French President Emmanuelle Macron in a televised address to the nation.

“I have decided that from Friday it is necessary to reintroduce the regime of self-isolation, which allowed stopping the virus,” Macron said.

He stressed that quarantine will be introduced throughout France and will last until December 1.

“Since we have learned from the spring events, this regime of self-isolation will be adapted on three indicators: schools will remain open, work can be continued and visits will be allowed in nursing homes,” he said.

Macron added that on Thursday, the government will outline in detail a plan for a renewed regime of self-isolation.

“As in spring, you will be able to leave home only to go to work, to see a doctor or a relative who needs help, to go shopping and get some airs near the house,” the French leader explained.

He stressed that in order to leave home, just like in spring, you will need a written certificate.

The first quarantine was introduced in France in March and lasted almost two months.

Today it was reported that in France, patients with COVID-19 occupy half of the places in intensive care.

Earlier in France, more than 52 thousand cases of COVID per day were detected. At the same time, the scientists stated that the COVID epidemic in France is half as bad as the official figures — more than 100 thousand French people fall ill per day.

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