France is being sued for contaminated air

France is being sued for contaminated air

The European Commission sued France because the country did not provide good air quality for its citizens.

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This was stated in the official report of the European Commission.

It is reported that the air is an excessively high concentration of fine particles.

The site explained that if countries exceed the limits of pollution, EU member states should correct the situation as soon as possible.

“In the case of France, the country does not adhere to the daily limits for particles PM10, which is a commitment since 2005. The data provided by France indicate a systematic failure to comply with EU regulations on PM10 limits in the Paris and Martinique regions of 12 and 14 years respectively. Therefore, the European Commission is referring the case to the EU Court of Justice,” the report says.

This is the second appeal against France on the non-compliance of air quality with EU standards.

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