France decided to punish Turkey because of Erdogan’s words

France decided to punish Turkey because of Erdogan's words

The French authorities are preparing a series of retaliatory measures against Turkey after the offensive statement by Turkish leader Recep Erdogan to President Emmanuel Macron.

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After the Turkish call to boycott French goods, France is considering the introduction of economic sanctions, in particular, limiting the import of Turkish products.

Militarily, the possibility of strengthening operations in the eastern Mediterranean, where the Turkish Navy is actively present, is being studied.

The pressure on the networks of Turkish influence in France, which are under the control of the DGSI General Directorate of Internal Security, could also be increased.

The aggravation of between Paris and Ankara came after Erdogan’s insulting remarks, who expressed doubts about Macron’s mental health.

Earlier, the French president announced his intention to protect Islam in France from foreign influence and stricter control over the sources of funding for mosques.

This happened after the tragedy in the city of Conflans-Saint-Honorine, where an Islamic radical beheaded a history teacher who showed his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as an example of the expression of freedom of opinion.

Earlier Erdogan said that Europe is approaching its end due to Islamophobia. He accused European countries of “fascist mentality” and hypocrisy, recalling cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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