France and Denmark staged a large-scale raid against terrorists

France and Denmark staged a large-scale raid against terrorists

More than ten people were detained in and Denmark, they are suspected of financing terrorists

French police have detained seven people suspected of terrorism in two regions of the country. Six other people were detained in on suspicion of financing the Islamic State terrorist organization.

This is reported by AFP.

As reported, in France, the detentions took place in the departments of Lower Rhine and Puy-de-Dom. Six of the detainees, according to sources, are representatives of the Chechen community. They are between 28 and 48 years old. Another detainee is a native of Georgia.

The detentions are related to an by the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office, which concerns the possible financing of militants in Syria.

In Denmark, the age of detainees is 27-35 years. Searches were carried out at several addresses in the Aarhus area and in Copenhagen. Four people were detained in Aarhus and two in Copenhagen.

Two of them are accused of participating in the activities of the Islamic State in Syria. The five are suspected of financing terrorism by sending money to IS. One of them was a recruiter and involved in criminal activities all the others, who are accused of financial support for the IG.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests that the case be considered in private.

Earlier it was reported that in France, a migrant cut the throat of a police officer.

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