Five Countries Call for Reconsideration of Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution within EU

Latvia, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria are calling for a European to discuss the distribution of the coronavirus  among EU states.

This is stated in a joint letter of these states, reports ERR.

“We urge you … to hold a discussion of this important issue among the leaders of (European states) as soon as possible,” says a letter sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel.

Representatives from five countries emphasize that some pharmaceutical companies do not supply coronavirus  on a fair basis.

“If this system persists, it will continue to create and increase huge imbalances among member states by the summer, as a result of which some countries could achieve herd immunity in a few weeks, while others would be far behind,” it says.

Note that on Friday, March 12, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that some EU countries could secretly sign contracts for additional supplies. He claims that he has data that confirms the suspicions.

In his opinion, the supply system “does not correspond to the per capita quota system.” As an example, he cited Malta, which “by the end of June will receive three times more doses than Bulgaria … until the end of July.”

Earlier we reported that the EU will issue passports in case of vaccination with vaccines approved by the EU regulator.

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