Facebook is threatening to leave the EU: data protection dispute

Facebook has made it clear that it will shut down its business in the EU if local regulations on the protection of personal data of users will hinder the conduct of business. The reason for this statement was an investigation by the Irish Data Protection Authority on Facebook. In addition, the existing General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data in the EU prohibit the transfer of this user data to countries outside the community. According to the observers, it is hardly worth taking the threats made by Facebook seriously.

Want to leave? For God’s sake!

Publico will not be disappointed if Facebook leaves Europe:

“This case is a threat in the sense that the group controls such popular social networks as Facebook and Instagram, which are used by millions of citizens every day. Facebook believes that a single threat to leave millions of citizens without access to these services would be enough to force European agencies to back off. And here Europe has a huge chance — you just have to not give in to blackmail, but just take and say goodbye to Facebook.

It’s time to formulate clear rules

Krytyka Polityczna calls for a real discussion, not an exchange of kindergarten threats:

“From the very beginning it was clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s group would not be part of the clutch with the EU, because it would mean to flip itself: in the EU countries, Facebook has 400 million users, 25 million companies registered in Europe use its applications and instruments… If there are no rules for data transfer from the EU to the US, it’s time to formulate them. The best option is to include this item in the international discussion on the protection of personal data against illegal use. Otherwise, there will only be an exchange of populist arguments such as: ‘We demand that the transfer of data be stopped’ — ‘And then we will leave the EU’, although it is clear to everyone that none of these scenarios will be implemented.

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