Europe to spend 22 billion euros on climate change

Europe to spend 22 billion euros on climate change

The European Commission and industrialists have created 11 partnership programs that will work until the end of the current decade

The European Commission (EC), as part of the EU’s green energy transition and digital transition, has established 11 industrial partnerships to address climate issues. The amount of funding amounted to 22 billion euros. The money will go to innovation and research on climate-related issues. The partnerships will last until 2030.

This is stated in the message of the European Commission.

According to EC Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, such partnerships will be created:

— European Open Science Cloud Partnership;
— European Partnership for Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Robotics;
— European Partnership for Photonics (Light Technologies);
— European Low-Carbon Steel Partnership;
— European Partnership Made in Europe;
— European Partnership Processes4Planet;
— European Partnership for People-oriented Sustainable Development Zones (Built4People);
— European Partnership for Zero-Emission Road Transport (2Zero);
— European Partnership for Integrated, Collaborative and Automated Mobility;
— European Battery Partnership: towards a competitive European industrial battery supply chain;
— European Partnership for Zero-Emission Water Transport.

“With new partnerships, Europe is moving to the forefront of global technology development, building key manufacturing capacities and accelerating both green and digital transformation. This will help to put Europe on the path of climate neutrality until 2050 and a circular economy, “ said European Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton.

The European Commission and the Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy investment fund will also invest up to $1 billion in the creation of commercial projects in the based on green technologies in 2022-2026.

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