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Wearing masks in France has become compulsory for children from 6 years old

The French authorities introduce compulsory wearing of masks for children from 6 years old. This was announced on Thursday at a press conference by French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

“The wearing of protective masks will become mandatory for children from 6 years old due to the epidemiological situation,” he said. This is one of the new restrictive measures that will take effect from Friday. French students are expected to return to school on Monday following All Saints’ holidays. “At universities, classes will only be distance learning,” the prime minister stressed.

“Now the pandemic has affected all regions, all age groups,” Kasteks stated. “The measures taken are designed to stop the spiral of the epidemic.” According to him, unlike the first wave, “schools will not be closed during the second quarantine.”

The prime minister also said that during the quarantine, the French will be allowed to leave their homes for one-hour walks within one kilometer.

There are several exceptional reasons why the French will be allowed to leave their homes, he said. Among them: shopping in grocery stores, travel in connection with professional activities if work cannot be done remotely, walking or individual sports activities within a radius of 1 km from home and lasting no more than an hour, caring for relatives, subpoena or subpoena to another administrative authority, as well as accompanying the child to school. At the same time, collective sports, in particular football matches, are prohibited.

The fine for breaking the rules is €135. “The virus hit all of Europe, no one foresaw that its new outbreak would be so strong,” — admitted Kastex. He also added that restaurants and cafes may operate on delivery. “Travel to country houses after the start of the quarantine is not allowed, but this coming weekend, the French are allowed to return from the province, where they spent their holidays on the occasion of All Saints Day,” he said.

The car drove into a crowd in Germany

The car drove into a crowd in the German city of Kempen near Dusseldorf, one person was killed. Reported by Bild.

According to some media reports, the deceased was a child. It is known that three were injured, they were taken from the scene by helicopter. The reasons for the accident have not yet been named, but at the moment there is no evidence of an intentional hit.

On October 29, three people were killed in a terrorist attack in Nice, France. The attack was carried out by a man with a knife in the church of Notre Dame de Nys. One woman was reportedly beheaded. According to updated information, the throats of the two victims were cut, but the attacker did not completely decapitate them.

It is alleged that he had not previously come to the attention of the police, but at the same time had connections with an international terrorist organization. It is known that the killer shouted “Allahu akbar!” and continued to repeat these words even after he was arrested. The Mayor of Nice considered the attack a terrorist act and a manifestation of “Islamofascism”. He announced the arrest of the attacker and thanked the police officers for their prompt action.

Protests in Poland: women fight for their rights

for a general strike and paralyzed traffic in the capital. The protests were triggered by the decision of the Constitutional Court, which declared illegal even abortions in the case of severe deviations in the development of the fetus and thus tightened up one of the most severe abortion laws in Europe. Will the protesters be able to force the government to back down?

The genie cannot be driven back into the bottle

The large-scale protests caught PiS leader Kaczynski by surprise, Carolina Vigura and Jaroslaw Kuisz write in their article in The Guardian:

“This time, the populist strategy didn’t work. A new political split has been created in society, and Kaczynski is equally unable to influence the outcome of the situation, nor to return the genie back to the bottle. He still has three whole years before the next parliamentary elections, but now women, who previously did not show interest in politics and parties, are beside themselves with indignation and took to the streets. … As Montesquieu noted almost 300 years ago, a despot who enslaves his subjects sometimes enslaves himself. It was in such a trap that Kaczynski, now cornered, found himself. … Ultimately it could send him straight to the dustbin of Polish history.”

Most are still silent

According to Denik newspaper, the protesters are unlikely to succeed:

“How realistic is it to abolish the tightening of abortion laws? Has the PiS party tightened the screws too much? Can the current demonstrations make a difference in the country? Hardly. Those who have been demonstrating for the rights of women for a week now have such hopes, but in Poland, there are also a significant number of those who are silent and satisfied with the policy of the authorities. And, as the election results of recent years show, such people are in the majority.”

Women’s rights are more important than the risk of infection

In her article in Gazeta Wyborcza, journalist Eliza Michalik speaks out for those who go to demonstrations despite the pandemic and the threat of the virus:

“People didn’t arrange it for themselves. They simply react to the situation created by the Constitutional Court appointed by the PiS party — created by its decision, forcing women to give birth even if there are deformation and irreversible fetal malformations. … We, the citizens of Poland, have no choice left. If there are no protests, if we remain silent, it will be perceived as our agreement to continue to put up with oppression and violence.”

Global battlefield

The female body is still an arena of ideological struggle, states the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper:

“The raised principle of ‘protecting the unborn life’ is at the same time denying women the right to make their own decisions. Abortion is the most personal and difficult decision a woman can face — and now she’s been denied the right to decide! In addition to personal choice and responsibility, the tightening of abortion laws, always and in every country in the world, is a reflection of the existing gender inequality in that country. Whether it’s factories for the production of babies’ set up by human traffickers in Nigeria, or the systematic rape of Yezidi women, or forced childbirth now taking place in Poland, the female body remains a platform for ideological crusades.”

Clandestine abortions will only grow

Now even more Poles will perform illegal abortions, writes the Neue Zurcher Zeitung:

“The leader of the ruling PiS party and the most important political figure in Poland, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said four years ago what this is specifically about: before, they say, a child is buried, he must undergo a baptism ceremony. And the desire of the parents does not play any role here. This approach is inhuman. … In Poland, there is already legislation on abortion that ignores the woman’s right to independent decision-making. … Last year, only 1100 cases of abortion were officially registered in the country. However, according to the estimates of the organization for the support of women Federal, annually more than one hundred thousand Poles perform abortions, who either travel to one of the neighboring countries for this or do it illegally and at the risk of their own health. There is no doubt that this number will only grow.”

France under siege of terror: thousands of soldiers will be taken to the streets

The authorities are going to oppose the terrorists with firmness and unity

Against the backdrop of a terrorist attack in Nice, where a triple murder in a church took place this morning, additional security measures are being introduced in France.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Nice, announced this on October 29, Nice-Matin reports.

He said that the country was attacked by “Islamic terrorists” and now France is in danger.

“If we are attacked, it is because of our values, our freedom, and our desire not to succumb to terror,” Macron said, calling on “firmness and unity” to oppose terrorists.

In this regard, at tomorrow’s meeting of the Defense Council, a decision will be made to strengthen the protection of schools and places of worship. In addition, an anti-terrorist operation “Sentinelle” was announced, during which 3-7 thousand soldiers are mobilized in the country.

Recall that on the morning of October 29, a man with a cold weapon burst into the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nice and killed a man and a woman. Another person was injured and died outside the church.

Since then, attacks have taken place in the city of Avignon in the southeast of the country and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where a man wounded a guard at the French embassy. Two more attacks, in Lyon and in the suburbs of Paris, were prevented.

It is assumed that the cause of the incident may be the reaction of the French authorities to the murder of a student Islamist teacher Samuel Pati.

Three dead: in Nice, there was a terrorist attack

In Nice, a terrorist killed three people with a knife and wounded several parishioners of the Notre-Dame Church. The scene is cordoned off by police, the attacker has already been detained. The motives of the attack are being investigated, the mayor said. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” were heard at the scene of the attack, according to eyewitnesses.

In France, there was a terrorist attack-an an unknown person with a knife attacked parishioners of the Church of Notre-Dame in Nice. According to BFM TV, the victims of the attack were three people.

The terrorist, whose motives are being established (according to the city’s mayor Christian Estrosi), stabbed a 70-year-old man and beheaded a woman. He seriously injured several parishioners.

According to witnesses, shouts of “ Allahu Akbar!” were heard from the Church at the time of the attack.

Estrosi has already ordered the closure of all churches in the city after the attack. French President Emmanuel Macron is due to arrive in the city soon — because of the terrorist attack, he flew to the crisis center of the French Interior Ministry, created in the city.

In early October, the French leader made a speech in which he stated the need to adopt tougher laws to combat Islamic fundamentalism and “separatism” — to protect the principles of a secular society. The politician presented a list of measures that include stopping the issuance of visas to imams and tightening control over the finances of mosques.

“Islam is a religion that is experiencing a crisis all over the world. We do not believe in political Islam, which is incompatible with stability and world peace,” Macron said.

The head of the Republic expressed fears that Muslims in France may create their own “counter-society”.