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Massive protests against restrictions on press freedom took place across France

In Paris, protests that began peacefully escalated into riots and clashes with the police. Dozens of people were detained.

Across France on Saturday, November 28, more than 130,000 people took part in rallies in support of freedom of information. This was announced by the BFMTV TV channel with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is noted that about 46 thousand participants took to the streets in Paris. The procession in the capital began peacefully, but then the hooligans began setting fire to cars and kiosks, throwing paving stones and bottles at the police.

In total, about 70 demonstrations of opponents of 24 articles of the bill on global security concerning the shooting of police officers and gendarmes took place in the country. The document limits the rights of reporters to report police brutality, which is perceived as a pressure on press freedom.

We will remind, on November 17 in Paris, protesters were dispersed with water cannons and tear gas, several people were detained.

Earlier it was reported that in the French city of Nantes, Catholics held a mass to protest the coronavirus restrictions prohibiting church services.

In Germany, quarantine may be extended until spring

A partial lockdown in Germany could last until next spring.

This was stated by the Minister of Economy of Germany Peter Altmeier, writes Reuters.

According to him, the government will resort to such a step if the country cannot take control of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have three or four long winter months ahead. It is possible that restrictions will remain in the first months of 2021,” the head of the Ministry of Economy said.

Earlier, the German government decided to extend quarantine restrictions in the country until early January 2021, and also tightened some rules of the previously introduced so-called soft lockdown.

Recall that the Bulgarian government has also tightened quarantine restrictions due to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection. New restrictions due to COVID-19 have been introduced in Latvia as well.

We also wrote that Britain will ease the quarantine on Christmas, despite the disappointing COVID-19 forecasts. And after December 28, the country will again return to a tough lockdown.

Bird flu outbreak recorded in Belgium

An outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N5 avian influenza has been reported on a poultry farm in Belgium near the border with France. This was announced on Friday by the RTL TV channel.

He noted that the disease was found on a farm in the village of Menen in the west of the country. It killed 600 birds, 151 thousand birds were killed to prevent the spread of the disease. Avian influenza can be transmitted to humans, the danger is posed by various mutations of the virus.

The H5N8 bird flu strain has also been found in wild birds in Norway, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said Friday.

“Avian influenza is found in the wild short-billed bean goose in the commune of Sannes, Rogaland county. It is primarily a danger to birds as it is highly infectious. The transmission of influenza from wild birds to birds on poultry farms can have very serious consequences for farms,” — the message says,

“The risk of infection for humans is assessed as very low,” the ministry added, indicating that it was the H5N8 strain.

Boris Johnson thought about the possibility of changing the head of the British Foreign Office

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning a reshuffle in the British government, the British newspaper Financial Times reported on November 27.

Citing sources on 10 Downing Street, the newspaper writes that Johnson will likely appoint ex-Treasury Minister Sajid David to the post of Foreign Minister by early 2021 and will implement a number of other changes in the British government.

Currently, the Foreign Ministry is under the leadership of Dominic Raab, who would later become Minister for Special Assignments, removing from this post the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove. In turn, Gove can take the chair of the Minister of Health, replacing Matt Hancock in this chair.

It is expected that politicians who have worked with Johnson for a long time may receive promotions. By his own reshuffles, the Prime Minister sends signals to those party members in parliament who vote against the initiatives of the current cabinet.

In France, accent-based discrimination has been criminalized

In France, the lower house of parliament banned discrimination based on a person’s accent and considered the practice a “form of racism. This was reported by The Local on Friday, 27 November.

98 deputies voted against three for the bill. Accent-based discrimination — known as glossophobia — was added to the list of reasons for the discrimination that is being prosecuted, along with racism, sexism, and discrimination against people with disabilities.

However, the maximum penalty proposed in the new legislation is three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

It should be noted that the law proposed by center-right deputy Christophe Elise was the subject of heated debate, despite the overwhelming majority of votes. In particular, Maina Sage, a deputy from French Polynesia, spoke about the difficulties that people like her might face when speaking with an accent from outside mainland France.

In turn, Patricia Miralles, daughter of North Africans, spoke about the “bullying” she faced in her young years because of her Algerian accent.

At the same time, Jean Lassalle of the opposition party Liberty and territory, which includes Corsican nationalists, voted against the text.

“I don’t ask for charity, I don’t ask for protection because that’s who I am,” he said with a strong accent from southwest France.

Finally, Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti said he is “very convinced” of the need for a new law.

It should be noted that in October, the leader of the left-wing movement Unconquerable France, Jean-Luc Melanchon, spoke rudely on camera to a southern accent journalist who asked him a question in Parliament.

“Can someone ask me a question in French? And make it clearer…” — Melanchon told then a group of reporters.

Recall that earlier Instagram had removed a photo of a black model. The company denies the allegations of discrimination but confirms that the photos could have been removed due to the policy of nudity.

It was also reported that Yale was sued for racial discrimination. University officials have discriminated against white and Asian applicants for 50 years on admission.