EU will monitor wastewater for coronavirus

EU will monitor wastewater for coronavirus

Cities and large communities should take as many as two samples of wastewater per week.

The European Commission calls on all member states, taking into account the fight against the pandemic, to check wastewater for coronaviruses in the future, DW reports.

“It is important that countries establish effective wastewater monitoring systems as soon as possible and ensure that relevant data is immediately available to health authorities,” European Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevicius said in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

According to the European Commissioner, all available opportunities should be used to identify the virus and its variants.

“Wastewater control can be a cost-effective, fast and reliable source of information about the spread of the virus and its variants among the population,” Sinkevicius said.

Such a wastewater monitoring system can be created in up to six months, the European Commissioner is convinced. This is an additional auxiliary monitoring tool for decision-making by public health authorities, the European Commissioner said.

He is convinced that cities and large communities should take as many as two samples from wastewater per week, and if there is no virus in them, then we can say that this is a region with a low risk of spreading the virus. At the same time, Sinkevicius referred to the experience of Barcelona, where the authorities collect wastewater samples to analyze the situation with drug use.

Recall that during the day on May 1, 680,160 new cases of were registered in the world, of which 370,059 new infections were registered in India.

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