EU urged to prepare for Brexit without a trade agreement

The EU summit allowed the negotiations to be extended by “several weeks”, but set a December 31 deadline.

The EU summit called on the union countries and all interested players to prepare for Brexit without reaching a trade agreement. The European Commission was also mandated to prepare a set of emergency unilateral measures in this case. The corresponding statement was approved at the EU Brexit summit on Thursday, October 15.

The summit nevertheless authorized the extension of the negotiations for “several weeks”, but no later than December 31st.

“The European Council (EU Summit) Confirms that the transition period will end on December 31, 2020, and notes with concern that progress in the negotiations on key issues for the community is not enough to reach an agreement. Under these conditions, the EU is tasking its chief negotiator [Michel Barnier] to continue negotiations in the coming weeks and calls on the UK to take the necessary action to make the agreement possible, “the document says.

“In this regard, the European Council calls on all countries and institutions of the community, as well as all interested players to step up work at all levels to prepare for all scenarios, including the absence of an agreement. The Summit instructs the European Commission to timely prepare proposals for unilateral emergency measures to ensure the interests of the European Union,” — reads the statement.

In addition, the EU Summit told Britain that the Agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU “and all its protocols must be implemented in a timely manner and in full.”

As reported, the European Commission sent an official message to London about the violation by the British government of the agreement on leaving the EU.

The UK government is given one month to respond to the letter from the European Commission. If the contradictions are not resolved, the EC will move on to the next stage of the procedure — filing a claim in court.

Before that, the House of Commons in Britain adopted a draft that destroys agreements with the EU. It will allow Britain to make its own decisions about the movement of goods across the Irish Sea, and, in fact, will deprive the EU of the ability to control imports in the southern part of Ireland and further into the EU common market if the transparent Irish border is maintained.

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