EU-UK Brexit talks to continue on December 6 in Brussels

The and the EU have made progress in negotiations on a future post-Brexit relationship, but significant differences remain in the same three areas as before, so it was decided to continue negotiations on Sunday in Brussels. This is stated in a joint statement released on Saturday following a telephone conversation between Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“Significant disagreements remain on three key topics — the distribution of fishing quotas, common rules of the game, and government regulation. Both sides stressed that reaching an agreement is impossible without rapprochement of positions on these topics. Noting serious disagreements on these issues, we agreed that negotiators from both of the parties must make further efforts. Thus, we instructed them to hold a meeting tomorrow in Brussels, “- said in the message.

“I had a phone call with Boris Johnson about negotiations between the EU and the UK. Differences remain. No agreement is possible if they are not resolved. The main negotiators will meet tomorrow. We will talk again on Monday,” she said in her turn during a short statement in Brussels von der Leyen.

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