EU to abandon general quarantine and border closures

Instead, the regions will be divided by the level of infection into three types and the rules for crossing borders will be introduced.

There will no longer be a general quarantine in the European Union. Instead, travel rules will be introduced, depending on the level of the pandemic. This was stated by the head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen in a video message distributed on Monday, October 12.

She stressed that the will not close borders either.

According to her, the European Commission has developed a unified system of classification of EU regions, depending on the level of the pandemic, with uniform travel rules.

“The European Commission has developed a color-coding system for regions that will divide all EU regions into red, orange (yellow) and green risk zones. The system is based on common criteria and common requirements and will facilitate movement across borders,” she said, adding that this will help to avoid their closure and the introduction of general quarantine.

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