EU should start work on vaccination passports immediately

governments should start technical work immediately to ensure that the certification system is implemented in time within the EU by the summer.

This was stated on Friday by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen reports Reuters.

The European Commission aims to present its proposals for a “digital green passport” on March 17 and cooperate with international organizations to ensure that the system works outside the European Union.

The system for providing travelers with “vaccination passports” is eagerly awaited by airlines and travel centers affected by the pandemic.

Such passports, which are actively promoted by southern states such as Greece and Spain, will provide confirmation that a person is vaccinated, test results for those who have not yet been vaccinated, and information about the resumption of people who have had COVID-19.

“Trust is at the core of this common approach,” von der Leyen wrote in a letter to governments, adding that member states must get started immediately to ensure systems are up and running on time.

Alongside the legal framework, the system requires a common technical infrastructure to ensure that the authorities of one member state can be confident in the reliability of certificates issued by another state, she said.

The commission is working with member states on digital infrastructure to enable certificate authentication, and this work could be completed within three months, von der Leyen wrote.

“The system can only work if the national systems work on time,” she added.

As reported, the World Health Organization (WHO) has significant objections to the European Commission’s plan to introduce “digital green vaccination passports”.

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