EU launches unified COVID certificates

EU launches unified COVID certificates

The will begin to introduce COVID certificates. There will be three types of certificates available in total.

They will be introduced for a year.

It is reported that:

Certificates will allow you to move around the without waiting lists, testing, filling out papers, and quarantine;

They will be presented as QR codes;

Certificates will be provided free of charge in each country by the national authorities. They will be recognized throughout the union;

It is expected that such a written certification will be introduced for a limited period of 12 months;

 certificates will be provided in three types: about vaccination, about recovery, and about a negative test;

The aims to seek mutual recognition of such certificates with third countries as soon as the borders are opened.

Certificates will be issued to those vaccinated with vaccines that are approved at the level.

It is noted that the countries of the union can also recognize other vaccines.

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