EU approves 15-minute coronavirus test

The European Union (EU) has authorized the massive use of the 15-minute test to detect coronavirus. It was produced by the American company Becton Dickinson. The authorities hope that this tool will allow them to get through the second wave of the pandemic.

The company’s engineers noted that the rapid test is based on the detection of viral antigen proteins, and with very high sensitivity. Therefore, the instrument is not mistaken in 93.5%, however, the researchers recommend that the authorities confirm a negative result with a standard PCR test.

Becton Dickinson expects to begin selling the test, which runs on a cell phone-sized BD Veritor Plus system, in European markets at the end of October. Most likely, it will be used in emergency departments, physicians, and pediatricians.

“This is truly a revolutionary discovery for Europe,” Fernand Goldblatt, head of diagnostics at Becton Dickinson, told Bloomberg. In his opinion, based on the latest data, Europe is moving back to the April and May peaks in incidence.

The company can produce about 8 million rapid tests per month by October, most of them will be applied in Europe. Antigen tests have become a valuable tool because they give results much faster than standard PCR tests. However, they are usually less accurate.

Earlier, the American biotech company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals reported that an experimental serum based on two antibodies reduced the concentration of the new type of  in the blood and had a positive effect on the symptoms of non-hospitalized patients.

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