EU and crisis management package

In the EU, the dispute over the draft budget for 2021-2027 and the related fund for the recovery of the economy from the coronary crisis continues. The European Parliament rejected the compromise proposal put forward by Berlin, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and leader of the PiS party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, threatened that Warsaw would veto it. The apple of discord is the question of whether to stop the payment of funds from EU funds to countries that violate the rule of law. The press is sounding the alarm — and not only about the conflict in question.

We can’t bring down one of the pillars of the EU

In his article in the Corriere Della Sera, Giuliano Pisapia of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats defends the uncompromising position of the European Parliament:

“The danger of a split between European institutions is becoming more and more real and concrete. However, this danger cannot be blamed on the European Parliament, which has done and is doing its duty, without forgetting that the rule of law is one of the pillars on which the European Union is founded. How serious does a community look when it threatens to impose economic sanctions on non-EU countries for failing to respect democratic principles — if it does not itself find the courage to impose the same sanctions on countries that are members of the ‘European family’?

A small crusade

Rzeczpospolita presents its explanation of why everything has gone so far:

“Negative and not always fair assessments of the political situation in Warsaw and Budapest, so often repeated in the Western media in recent years, have convinced politicians in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark, as well as members of the European Parliament, that they should take on a mission to defend democracy in Poland and Hungary. In both capitals, this has come up against a very strong reaction — up to the threat of a veto, which Jaroslaw Kaczynski said in an interview last Tuesday.

Exits the EU? Who’s next?

Gazeta Wyborcza fears that all this will end very badly for Poland:

“Implementing Kaczynski’s declaration for Poland actually means leaving the EU and losing money. And then, in the midst of the economic crisis, we will be face to face with all our problems, and if Joe Biden wins the US elections, we will have no geopolitical allies. The nightmare we have been trying to banish for years will come true. It is a disaster for our country, especially against the background of the second wave of the pandemic. For Kaczynski, the hatred of LGBT people and the dependence of justice on the government is much more important than the fate of the Polish state and its citizens.

Subversion of the EU foundation

As Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung notes, Kaczynski threats must be taken seriously:

“This is an attempt to lay the dynamite in the foundation of the EU and thus to ensure that Poland is exempt from the obligation to respect values and rules important to the EU. If other countries do not strongly oppose such blackmail attempts, then in the medium and long term the threat will be much greater than the draft EU budget. If the EU ever collapses, it will not be because of Brussels’ ‘bureaucrats’, but because of politicians like Kaczynski.

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