Estonia: the government is sponsoring anti-abortion

According to the Estonian legislation, the parliamentary faction of the country may annually at its discretion to allocate six million euros for ‘regional investment’. Thus, parties tend to support projects that they consider most important to implement. This year, the three parties in the ruling coalition decided to allocate 171 thousand euros to a newly founded organization that supports the prohibition of abortion. A serious broke out in the country.

The government introduces a split in the society

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas once again pretends to distance himself from the far-right Conservative people’s party, his coalition partner, — notes Ehtuleht:

“Apparently, the state has decided to financially support the party whose ideology it considers to be true. It probably also occurred to Yuri Ratas that there was an impression in the public that the coalition was in agreement on this issue, and therefore he immediately rushed to assure that he and his Centrist party were opposed to the ban on abortion — and that his Cabinet did not have such plans in mind. Ratas may, of course, declare that he opposes the ban on abortion, but, in fact, opponents of abortion receive state funding with the support of the Centrist party, which means that interest in the issue that divides society into two camps is constantly spurred — and even becomes the topic of the day.»

Liberals are hypocrites with their criticism

In an article in the Eesti Paevaleht newspaper, Jaak Madison, a member of the European Parliament from the far-right Conservative Estonian people’s party, lashes out at dissenters:

“Every year, many abortions are performed at the expense of taxpayers; hundreds of thousands of euros are spent on this from the state Treasury-despite the fact that most of these abortions are performed simply according to the desire of citizens — without any medical indications. Hello, comrades, why don’t you fight for this money to go to better goals — for example, to treat cancer patients or to eliminate child poverty? No, you don’t do it, because you are hypocritical Pharisees, and also fools. The left and liberals will not fail to add the phrase at the end of their next howls:’This are not my Estonia.’ Anyway, the world is open today, even in the current  era. Go wherever you want! And I declare: this is my country. A country where people are trying to protect unborn children.»

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