Estonia runs out of COVID vaccines amid coronavirus outbreak

Almost every fifth  test in the country tests positive. The authorities call the situation “supercritical”.

has run out of COVID vaccines, while the country’s epidemic is reaching record highs. This was stated by the head of the Department of Health Yullar Lanno at a press conference on Friday, February 26.

“The health department has zero vaccines. It makes no sense to create the impression that vaccines are stuck somewhere. The health department does not have them, since they are at zero in stock,” Lanno said, adding that there are no AstraZeneca vaccines at all, Pfizer remains about 1% of those received, Moderna — only a few thousand doses.

The official called the situation “supercritical” since the share of positive tests from the number of tests carried out is more than 18%. Also, a difficult situation is observed with the number of COVID beds in hospitals.

“The moment is getting closer when the planned treatment will become minimal or stop,” — explained the head of the department.

“Now there is no point in hiding our heads in the sand. We are all tired, but we must feel responsible. Any contact that can be canceled must be canceled,” Lanno said.

Note that in Estonia, for the second day in a row, anti-records of the incidence of COVID-19 are recorded: on Thursday – 1,154 infected, on Friday 1,204. Incidence per 100 thousand population is 887.75 cases.

Recall that earlier the number of vaccinated in the world has already doubled the number of infected. At the moment, about 227 million people have already been vaccinated, which is slightly less than 3% of the world’s population.

It was also reported that scientists have found out when the effects of COVID disappear in the body. Regular fitness exercises directly contributed to the fact that patients healed much faster.

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