Erdogan accused Europe of Islamophobia

Erdogan accused Europe of Islamophobia

The Turkish President accused European politicians of Islamophobia and called them “links in the same chain as the Nazis.” According to him, Muslims in Europe are undergoing a veritable “lynching campaign” comparable to the persecution of Jews on the eve of World War II. Earlier, Erdogan called Macron “insane” — after he said in connection with the murder of teacher Samuel Pati that Islam was in crisis.

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Ignorance is the basis of blind faith

Erdogan apparently hopes that his Muslim audience will find such a comparison logical — and indeed, many do so, historian Ernesto Galli Della Loggia writes in the pages of Corriere Della Sera:

“How is it even possible that public opinion in Islamic countries really believes that a kind of Kristallnacht is unfolding in Europe against Muslims and that millions of Muslims are discriminated against by some ‘new Nuremberg racial laws’ — and even almost on the verge of being sent to concentration camps? … This became possible because public opinion, or at least a large part of society in Islamic countries, in fact, knows little or nothing about what has happened in Europe over the past hundred years. And first of all, they know nothing about the Holocaust.”

Europeans always need a scapegoat

The current verbal skirmish did not arise from scratch, — comments the Milliyet newspaper:

“In the history of Europe, the image of the enemy is already a long-standing tradition. Initially, Jews were targeted for centuries. And how can you forget about the courts of the Inquisition? Then there were fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. … And now Europe is its own enemy — or at least it chose Muslims living in European countries as unwanted migrants. And this can be observed not only in France. In Germany, the ultra-right always attacks Muslims as soon as they feel strong. … The situation in Austria is also clear. In view of the above — even if at first glance it is only about the words were spoken by President Erdogan, and about the harsh statements of Macron — there are deep sociological, political — and religious reasons for the conflict.”

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Better to set a good example

Karar believes Turkey should not get involved in this dispute:

“It would be much more correct to set a worthy example and propose ways of solving the accumulated problems ourselves. [Turkish Religious Affairs Authority] Diyanet has lost its once-good reputation, but we have highly respected scholars in theology, sociology, and political science. It is necessary to investigate the phenomenon of Islamophobia in detail. … In addition, it is necessary to study the propensity of Islamic societies to violence, fanaticism, and Salafism. … Turkey must provide data from scientific research and, using it, develop a real version of coexistence based on partnership and cooperation. … This requires, among other things, a dialogue with numerous communities and institutions in the West that do not pursue Islamophobic views and even admit that Islamophobia is totalitarian thinking, and therefore stand for democracy.”

Turkey’s Achilles’ heel

Economic bulletin Les Echos proposes to deprive Erdogan’s Islamic-nationalist project of the financial basis:

“Erdogan’s Turkey is a militaristic colossus with feet of clay, which has an Achilles heel — an economy whose GDP is only a third of that of France. And here you need to act before it’s too late. The expected and the desired victory of Joe Biden in the presidential elections in the United States will help here: unlike Donald Trump, who has his own business interests in Turkey (Trump Tower in Istanbul), Biden is not an enemy of the European Union and has not taken his eyes off Turkey — especially after Ankara decided to buy the S-400 air defense system from Russia. … The key to the existence of Erdogan’s regime is in the hands of business — and these are primarily global financial institutions and Western companies.”

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