EP advocates dialogue with Taliban on resumption of evacuation

EP advocates dialogue with Taliban on resumption of evacuation

At the same time MEPs stress that they do not recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

The European Parliament called for the resumption of the coordinated evacuation of people from Afghanistan. According to the resolution, adopted by the MEPs in Strasbourg on Thursday, September 16, all levers should be used. In their view, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has a central role to play in creating safe corridors for those in need, as well as opening Kabul’s airport and border crossings.

The EU, for its part, should provide more support to women and people who are particularly vulnerable and want to flee Afghanistan. From the radical Islamist Taliban movement, which rules the country, the European Parliament expects permission for everyone to leave. “Contact with the Taliban on logistical and organizational issues is necessary to provide humanitarian aid to civilians in need and to safely accompany foreign nationals and Afghans who want to leave the country,” the resolution said. At the same time, the deputies stressed that the European Parliament does not recognize the current government of Afghanistan.

European Commission and EU urged to form a humane asylum policy

In addition, the document points out, Brussels’ support of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to receive fleeing Afghans “is not an alternative to an independent European migration policy”. The MEPs called on the EU Commission and the Member States to “work towards a humane asylum policy”. Moreover, given the situation in Afghanistan, it is worth reconsidering previously rejected asylum requests by Afghans. “Under no circumstances” should the expulsion of refugees to a Taliban-occupied country take place.

The resolution deplored the lack of cooperation among EU member states involved in the chaotic evacuation from Kabul airport. Also, EU member states failed to coordinate their actions with the U.S.

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