Elon Musk joked about invading Russia

Elon Musk joked about invading Russia

The founder and head of Tesla, Elon Musk, posted a historical joke about Russia on his Twitter account.

In a meme about Napoleon Bonaparte’s attempt to invade the Russian Empire, the conqueror tells his first wife, Josephine Beauharnais, of his intention to invade the country. She responds by specifying whether he intends to do so in the summer, and Napoleon is only meaningfully silent. “Time decides everything,” Musk signed this post.

Earlier, the entrepreneur said he was impressed with Russia’s achievements. “I admire the achievements of Russia. I admire the achievements of the USSR in rocket science,” Musk noted. According to him, Russia’s victories are impressive and he is confident that this energy will continue in the future: “I want to encourage people to fight for their future to be better than the past.”

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