Elections postponed in Finland due to coronavirus

In Finland, the Ministry of Justice has decided to postpone the municipal scheduled for April 18 to the summer due to the worsening situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country.

Reported by Yle.

It is noted that all parties, with the exception of the True Finns, supported the postponement of the elections.

“This is a great solution that will undoubtedly reduce infectiousness, and the coronavirus situation will be better in June than it is now. Campaigning and outdoor voting are more comfortable in the summer,” said election manager Matti Hilly.

He noted that the postponement of the will make it possible to prepare more thoroughly for them and to vaccinate members of election commissions.

Hilly also believes that the postponement of the will allow vaccinating of election officials.

We will remind, earlier the government of announced an emergency mode and started talking about the possibility of restricting movement.

We also reported that a completely new variant of the coronavirus was discovered in Finland, which simultaneously shares the properties of strains previously found in the and South Africa.

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