Dogs were more effective than coronavirus tests

Dogs were more effective than coronavirus tests

Service dogs, which determine the presence of  on arrival at the airport of Helsinki, showed almost 100% efficiency. This is reported by Express.

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During the tests, 16 animals, who work in shifts, tested about 2200 volunteers. On average, a day manages to conduct tests of 100 passengers. The experiment with animals will continue throughout December.

As part of the test, citizens arriving at the airport are lined up and asked to wipe their skin with a napkin. The biomaterial is placed in a jar and then dogs are asked to smell it. Animals are trained to ignore negative results and point out positive ones. They attract the attention of professionals by barking, lying down, or pawing. If the dog detects such a test, the passenger undergoes an additional PCR study.

According to Anna Helm-Berkman from the University of Helsinki, the use of working dogs can be a cheap and quick alternative to PCR testing at airports. Animals, for example, can detect the virus with high accuracy up to five days faster than tests. Dog research costs about 300 thousand euros at an airport, but it is cheaper than PCR testing.

In August, International Airport was the first airport in the world to use dogs to identify passengers infected with the coronavirus. Animals do their job without coming into contact with travelers. Samples are taken from under the mice of citizens and placed in steel containers designed so that the muzzle of dogs can fit without compromising the integrity of biological material.

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