Disney will reduce 28 thousand employees due to coronavirus

American company Walt Disney will reduce 28 thousand of its employees in the U.S. due to economic problems with the prolonged closure of several theme parks against the backdrop of the pandemic. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency.

“No matter how heartbreaking this step may be, it is the only possible option we have in the light of the long-term impact of on our business,” the agency quotes the appeal.

According to Bloomberg, the cuts have affected employees of theme parks, cruise ships, retailers, and management. At the same time, the agency points out that about 67% of dismissed employees were working part-time. It is noted that before the beginning of the pandemic more than 100 thousand employees were involved in the American Disney theme parks.

According to the data of Johns Hopkins University in the USA, which carries out calculations based on information from international organizations, federal and local authorities, more than 7.18 million people infected with  was detected in the USA and 205 774 died.

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