Diego Maradona: the legend left us

On Wednesday, at the age of 60, the famous football player Diego Maradona passed away. The cause of death was a heart attack. Maradona, who grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, is considered a true legend of world football. At the height of his career in 1986 and 1987, he raised both Argentina and Italian football club Napoli to the rank of a champion. The European press pays tribute to Maradona’s unique talent.

Antihero with the feet of god
A great man left us, writes Jutarnji list:

“He was a drug addict and a man without graceful manners, who did not hesitate to ridicule authorities, be it Barcelona or FIFA. … No one, either before or after him, was able to polarize the football world so much. … If anyone managed to approach the status of a true national hero of the whole world, it was Diego. … This short, overweight man with terrible taste, dubious convictions, and many criminal episodes in life were somehow one of us. … Neither Leo Messi, nor Cristiano Ronaldo, nor the ‘real’ Ronaldo, nor Pele, nor anyone else can reach this peak. Maradona was a sinner with the soul of a devil and the feet of God. He was great.”

The idol of the poor neighborhoods
As noted by the portal In.gr, Maradona was especially popular among the underprivileged sectors of society:

“He started playing for Napoli and made him a champion. He gave the ever-underestimated south of a sense of pride — a pride that it lacked in its competition with the north, which always looked down on the south. … Maradona has never been a ‘cyborg’ from sports — without soul and thought. He has always expressed his position on social and political issues. It is no coincidence that he had a tattoo on his forearm depicting his fellow countryman Che Guevara; Maradona expressed his support for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. He raised his voice in defense of the humiliated and oppressed — and therefore it was no coincidence that he was the idol of the poor and common people. That is why he was admired more than any other footballer.”

He is dear to us as a dear mother
In his article on Republica. Ro, economist, and analyst Claudio Vita write about what the name Maradona means to the people of Naples:

“As a rule, a Neopolitan fan has two pictures in his pocket: his mother and Maradona’s. The Neapolitans love him and will mourn his departure, because this Argentine gave them faith in their strength and the hope that they can win over such teams as Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan — or Sampdoria. In Naples, to say bad things about Maradona is to offend your own mother, and this is no joke. … The whole world will grieve for Maradona, but in two places on the planet, he will always be remembered as a truly dear person — in Argentina and Naples!”

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