Despite the failure of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple will still release the iPhone 13 mini

Despite the fact that sales of the mini are at a low level (and there are even rumors about the termination of production of this model), Apple is not going to abandon the smallest flagship: the 13 mini will still be released.

The problem with the mini is not in itself but in another compact model-the SE 2020. It turned out that many users who want to buy a small Apple smartphone prefer the iPhone SE, which is also much cheaper. But for 2021, the company has no plans to keep the iPhone SE in the product range and, therefore, it will not cannibalize sales of the promising iPhone 13 mini.

And another interesting point. According to the source, the mini vs small downgrade a single platform with Apple A13 A14 to Apple, and not against the delisting of the characteristics of the 5G modem. If these points are taken into account when creating the iPhone 13 mini, then this model will be more different from other representatives of the line than the current iPhone 12 mini from the usual iPhone 12.

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