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Czech President accused of treason because of an interview about the explosions in Vrbetice

Czech President accused of treason because of an interview about the explosions in Vrbetice

Another statement by Milos Zeman in support of the Kremlin may cost him his career — The Senate is preparing a lawsuit on treason

The Czech parliament may send President Milos Zeman to resign after his words about the of the explosions of military warehouses in the village of Vrbetice in 2014.

This is reported by the Novinky portal.

The head of the upper house of parliament, Milos Vystrcil, confirmed that the Czech Senate will consider filing a state lawsuit against Zeman under the article on treason.

Vystrchil claims that the president declassified investigative materials that were not subject to disclosure.

“We will consider the possibility of filing a constitutional complaint in connection with the suspicion of treason. Now we need to collect the necessary information and listen to the opinion of experts on the situation, ” the head of the Senate said.

In addition, the has already initiated petition-its initiators believe that Zeman promotes the interests of a foreign state to the detriment of national interests.

Recall that on the eve of Milos Zeman said that the is considering two preliminary reasons for the explosions at the ammunition depots in Vrbetice: careless handling of ammunition and the possible involvement of foreign intelligence services.

This provoked a furious reaction from both citizens and the parliamentary opposition. They accused the head of state of spreading Russian propaganda.

It should be noted that earlier the authorities voiced only the version about the involvement of the Russian intelligence service — GRU in the explosions. For this reason, 18 Russian agents working under diplomatic cover were expelled from Prague.

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