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Cyprus’ song for Eurovision 2021 is caught in the scandal

In the network, there was a because of the song El Diablo, with which representatives of plan to perform at the international music contest “Eurovision-2021”.

So, people demanded to remove the composition from the event. This became known on the official website of the petitions. It should be noted that more than 5,100 people have already signed it.

According to netizens, the song El Diablo offended the feelings of believers. This is probably due to the chorus of the track, which is about the devil.

“Dear fellow citizens, the participation of in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “EL DIABLO” is scandalous for us Christians. Join us in protest, “ the petition reads.

In addition, on Friday, February 26, an unknown person called the RIK TV channel and threatened that he would set fire to the channel building if the song was not removed from the Eurovision Song Contest. At the moment, the police are establishing the identity of the attacker.

Recall that the controversial song El Diablo is performed by the singer Elena Tsagrinou, who will represent at the competition in Rotterdam. The clip for viewing is currently only available on the record company’s website.

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