Cyprus: is Erdogan blocking reunification?

Turkish President Erdogan said the Cyprus issue should be resolved according to the principle of “two states for two peoples.” During his visit to Nicosia and the Varosha quarter, Erdogan said that “there are two peoples and two separate states in Cyprus.” It should be noted that before all efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue were more likely aimed at the possible reunification of the two parts of the island.

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Nicosia still has a chance

The path to reconciliation and unification remains open, writes the Cyprus Mail:

“We hear over and over again that efforts to create a federation have failed because Nicosia allegedly did not agree to the terms of political equality. In other words, if the Cypriot government was ready to accept the idea of a federation based on political equality, then the idea of a bi-zonal and bi-communal federation would still be relevant. Of course, in this case, the Cypriot government would have to convince the Turkish side that it really fully and completely supports such political equality. But it would be very difficult to do this — especially against the background of the positions from which President Anastasiades has acted in recent years. However, the choice between reunification and the existing two-state option still remains.”

Give sanctions against Ankara!

In the end, the EU must adopt sanctions against Turkey, Phileleftheros demands:

“Erdogan is broadcasting the idea of a complete ‘Turkishization’ of the occupied territories, but not at all a solution to the Cyprus problem. … The Greek side cannot agree to two states for two peoples’ solution. … We have repeatedly repeated that Turkey needs to be hit financially — so that it realizes that it cannot do whatever it pleases. Turkey will go to a serious discussion of the agreements and stop its undercover activities only if it directly feels all the possible consequences of the sanctions. The EU has been discussing the issue of imposing sanctions for a year already. Their postponement gives Ankara the opportunity to calmly implement its expansionist plans.”

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