Cristiano Ronaldo was infected with coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo, a 35-year-old footballer of the Portuguese national team and Juventus from Turin, was diagnosed with coronavirus. This information has already been confirmed in the Football Federation of .

Cristiano Ronaldo was released from work in the national team after his test for was positive, so he will miss the game with Sweden (it is scheduled for Wednesday),

— said in a statement.

After the athlete received the test results, he left the location of the national team and went to . It is reported that his disease is asymptomatic, so he will recover without medical help.

In the past few days, Ronaldo has played two games as part of the national team — he went out on the field against France and and had contact with a number of leading soccer stars, not to mention the Portuguese national team players with whom he posed together for dinner a few hours before the news announcement. But this morning, Ronaldo’s teammates passed new tests, which none of them were diagnosed with.

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