COVID-19 stabilized in France and UK

In Europe, the stabilization of the situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 is noted, however, in some countries, the daily infection and mortality rates continue to increase.

The UK has seen a slowdown in the spread of the coronavirus. According to government data, over the past week, 121,306 infected people were detected in the country, which is 25% lower than the previous week, when 163,061 cases of coronavirus were detected.

Over the past day, 17,555 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the country, which is slightly less than the day before (18,213). In addition, over the past 24 hours, 498 people with coronavirus have died, which is an order of magnitude lower than the 696 deaths recorded the day before, which is a record.

At the moment in England, there is a nationwide lockdown, which will end on December 2. However, England’s chief sanitary officer Chris Whitty doubted that the country could afford to loosen restrictive measures to combat COVID-19 this winter. The professor was supported by the Prime Minister of the country Boris Johnson.

In total, over 1.5 million cases of COVID-19 infection were diagnosed in the UK during the pandemic, more than 57 thousand infected people died.

In France, which is the fourth week of the nationwide lockdown, there is a decline in the daily increase in cases of infection. Over the past 24 hours, 13,563 infections were detected, but the day before this figure was almost 3 thousand higher — 16,282, and a week ago, more than 21 thousand cases of coronavirus were recorded per day.

According to the French Ministry of Health, the number of hospitalized patients continues to decline — 662 people were discharged from hospitals per day. Thus, the number of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals in the country is 29 310. The workload of intensive care units is also decreasing: in the last 24 hours, 130 patients were discharged from these departments, so that in total, 4 018 patients are currently in intensive care units.

The daily increase in mortality among the infected was 339, which is slightly lower than the previous figure (381).

In total, over 2.1 million infections have been diagnosed in France since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 50.9 thousand infected have died. More than 158,000 French people have recovered, according to statistics site Worldometer.

In Italy, an increase in both morbidity and mortality was noted per day: 29,003 cases were recorded in 24 hours against 25,853 on Wednesday, as well as 822 deaths against 722 the day before. The worst-hit area of the country remains Lombardy with 5,697 new cases of COVID-19.

At the same time, Western media note that the number of hospitalized and persons in intensive care units is decreasing: on Thursday there were 34,038 hospitalized — 275 less than the day before. The media clarify that this may indicate a weakening of the second wave of coronavirus in Italy, which gained strength earlier in the first half of November.

Italy, with more than 1.5 million cases of the disease and over 52.8 thousand deaths, ranks eighth in the world in terms of morbidity and sixth in terms of deaths. In Europe, Italy has the second-highest mortality rate after Great Britain.

The Croatian authorities on Thursday announced a record increase in the number of infected per day. The country has 4,009 new cases of coronavirus and 51 deaths among those infected.

Against the backdrop of this situation, the Croatian authorities have decided to close bars and restaurants before Christmas, as well as ban wedding ceremonies.

“Our goal is to achieve four goals — to implement measures to combat coronavirus, expand testing, support our health care system and prepare for vaccinations,” Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic said at a press conference.

According to the statistical website Worldometer, more than 115 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Croatia during the pandemic, more than 1.5 thousand patients with COVID-19 have died.

The Greek authorities are extending the nationwide lockdown until December 7 due to the growing rate of spread of the coronavirus in the country, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Thursday.

During the day, 2,018 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the country, of which 562 were in Thessaloniki and northern Greece and 408 in Athens. At the same time, the daily growth on Thursday is lower than the indicators for Wednesday (2,151) and Tuesday (2,132). In total, over 99 thousand cases of coronavirus were detected in Greece during the pandemic.

There are 600 patients in the intensive care wards of Greek hospitals, which is the maximum figure. According to the country’s Ministry of Health, hospitals in Greece operate at almost full capacity.

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