Construction in the Eurozone decreased in September by 2.9%

According to a report published by the European statistical office Eurostat, in September in the euro area, there was a decrease in construction volumes by 2.9% compared to August and by 2.5% compared to the same indicator of the previous year. The September drop in the index followed its August rise of 3.9% and 0.4%.

According to the report on the countries of the European Union, the volume of construction in them showed a decrease in September by 2.5% compared to August, when it was observed to rise at the level of 3.5%. Compared to September 2019, the indicator fell by 2.7%.

The largest decline in the construction sector was noted in France, where the volume of construction fell by 8.4% compared to August. The fall in Italy was also significant, amounting to 8.1%. At the same time, a significant increase in construction was recorded in Slovenia — by 2.6% and Romania — by 1.7%.

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