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Conflict unfolding in Slovakia over Hungarian interference in internal affairs

In Slovakia, a erupted between members of the government after the uncoordinated visit of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto to the city of Komarno, where more than half of the population is ethnic Hungarians.

Because of Siyjarto’s visit, the Hungarian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and a large message was posted on the ministry’s website on behalf of Minister Ivan Korczak, who stressed that Peter Siyarto’s actions had “crossed all boundaries”:

“We want to have good-neighborly with Hungary, but I will not allow interference in our internal affairs,” he said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Igor Matovic was led “outside the box” and became in this conflict … on the side of Siyjarto.

The prime minister, who is now in a hot stage of with Minister Korchok, decided to scold him for criticizing the Hungarian minister — they say, there is no need to quarrel with neighbors.

The Slovak media outraged the actions and responded with headlines like “Matovic is behaving like a member of Orban’s party” or “Matovic is destroying Slovak diplomacy.”

Matovic became one of the very few Slovak politicians who decided to side with the Hungarian authorities in this dispute.

But the actions of Peter Siyjarto angered the overwhelming majority of Slovak political players, both in power and in the opposition, moreover, from different flanks — from the former ruling party Smer-SD to the almost pro-Russian “We are the family”, whose leader, Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollar emphasized: the situation is so obvious that he is ready to stand next to his ideological enemies in resisting the actions of the Hungarian government.

“It is unacceptable and unacceptable that a foreign state begins to meddle in our internal affairs. This is an absolute scandal!” He said indignantly.

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