Coca-Cola company caught up in a racist row after offering to be «less white»

Employees of the Coca-Cola company were advised to be less white as part of online training on the LinkedIn website, the Entrepreneur newspaper reports.

The course description clearly states that its purpose is to teach people to be “less white,” to help them “understand what it means to be white, “and to” challenge what it means to be racist.”

In the presentation “Countering Racism”, provided to the staff for review, white people are called oppressive, arrogant, ignorant, and immodest, calling for getting rid of these traits. The training was created by the author of the book “White Fragility: Why it’s hard for white people to talk about racism”, Robin DeAngelo, which encourages interracial discussions and addresses issues of racism during interviews.

The author of the training states that companies should hold meetings of groups of like-minded people. The presentation also contains the statement that by the age of 3-4, children already understand that it is better to be white.

A Coca-Cola representative confirmed that the training was approved by the company, but the call to “try to be less white” was not the main focus of the program and was not even mandatory for employees. The course that caused a stir in has already been removed from the site due to many complaints of reverse racism.

Internet users note that Robin DeAngelo’s speech, instead of fighting racism, is directed against a whole group of people: people with light skin. They argue that this approach attributes” white ” stereotypical characteristics and behaviors based on prejudice.

Outraged users are calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola, pouring drinks down the toilet, and accusing the company of discrimination.

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