Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Biden on winning the elections

A month after the vote, Chinese leader Xi Jinping congratulated on winning the U.S. presidential election.

This is reported by CNN.

“I hope that both sides will adhere to the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontational, mutual respect and win-win cooperation and will focus on cooperation in the management and control of disputes,” — said the politician.

Xi Jinping also stressed that the sustainable development of U.S.-Chinese relations is in the interests of both countries and the international community as a whole.

Recall that on November 13, Biden was congratulated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

We also wrote that the U.S. authorities have introduced new against two Chinese companies — they are suspected of violating the ban on sales to Iran, Syria, and North Korea of goods that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that if U.S. intelligence threatens the interests and sovereignty of the country, the Celestial Empire will “dazzle” it.

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