China launched a mobile app to denounce “erroneous opinions”

According to the Chinese cyber agency, some people spread “harmful comments” on the Internet, spoiling the general information atmosphere in the country

Chinese authorities have launched a mobile app that allows citizens to report online about people spreading “harmful” comments about the ruling Communist Party and the country’s history, ahead of the party’s 100th anniversary.

This is with reference to the Office of Cyberspace of China (SAS), reports the Independent.

The new program allows Internet users to report those who spread “erroneous opinions” on the Internet in order to create “an atmosphere of good public opinion,” the SAS said.

“We hope that the majority of Internet users will play an active role in monitoring society and enthusiastically report harmful information,” the publication quotes the statement of the Office.

The authorities are primarily interested in “crimes” related to “distorting the history of the party” or any comments against its leaders and their policies, as well as “slandering national heroes and denying the superiority of advanced socialist culture”.

“Some people with ulterior motives are spreading historically nihilistic false claims online, maliciously distorting, slandering, and denying party, national, and military history in an attempt to confuse other people,” the report said.

What punishment is provided for those who are denounced is not reported, but Chinese residents constantly face prison sentences and other punishments for posting materials on the Internet that criticize or question the actions of the Communist Party leadership, policies, or historical events.

Earlier this year, China already passed amendments to the law against those who “insult, slander or encroach on the memory of China’s national heroes and martyrs,” setting a prison sentence of up to three years.

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