China is preparing new sanctions against the US

China is preparing new sanctions against the US

China will impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense, Raytheon, and other American companies involved in Washington’s arms sales to Taiwan.

This was announced by a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, reports Reuters.

Lockheed Martin Corporation is a military-industrial corporation that specializes in aircraft, aerospace, shipbuilding, postal, and airport infrastructure automation and logistics.

Boeing Defense is a division of Boeing. Responsible for defense and aerospace products and services.

Raytheon is a military-industrial company, one of the largest suppliers of weapons and military equipment for the branches of the armed forces of the United States and allied countries.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that “China is acting to protect its national interests,” but did not specify what form the sanctions would take.

The fact is that the US State Department approved a potential sale to Taiwan of three weapons systems, including sensors, missiles, and artillery, totaling $1.8 billion, the Pentagon said. Beijing regards Taiwan as a “wayward province,” which it intends to control, if necessary by force.

Last year, China threatened the United States with sanctions over the decision to sell 108 M1A2 Abrams tanks, 250 FIM-92 Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile systems, and related equipment to Taiwan.

In the summer of 2020, US President Donald Trump signed into law a law providing for sanctions against Chinese officials who have restricted Hong Kong’s freedoms. At the same time, Beijing created the National Security Committee in Hong Kong.

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