Calculated multibillion-dollar damage from devastating freezing temperatures in Texas

In the United States, they calculated the multibillion-dollar damage from the devastating frost that hit Texas in early 2021. According to Chuck Watson of Enki Research, the disaster analysis center, the losses can be estimated at $ 80-90 billion. Bloomberg writes about it.

According to him, the damage to infrastructure, including from pipes bursting in the frost, will reach about $35 billion. Another 45 billion is lost to the US due to supply chain disruptions. About 20 billion of damages will be covered by payments from insurance companies.

Watson agrees with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) estimates that 90 percent of the damage could be avoided through preventive measures.

Earlier it was reported that insurance companies were among the main losers from the worst frost in Texas in more than 30 years. According to experts, the volume of insurance claims that Americans apply for could reach $18 billion, which is six times the usual average annual rate.

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