Burger King gets caught in a sexist scandal

American fast-food chain Burger King was caught in a sexist over a tweet on March 8th. On their and pages, the company posted a post in which they wrote Women belong in the kitchen.

According to Business Insider, the post was supposed to criticize the male-dominated culinary industry and offer a scholarship for future female chefs. But this statement caused a wave of criticism and negativity from society.

After the publication of such a post, some users laughed, while others stated that they would no longer eat at the restaurant. As a result, even rival KFC commented, “The best time to delete this post is right after publication. The second time is right now.”

Burger King wanted to draw attention to the fact that there are few women in the food industry. But after the scandal, the tweet was deleted and apologized. According to company representatives, they tried to be too smart and creative.

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