Brussels tightens quarantine again…

Brussels tightens quarantine again...

In Brussels, due to the coronavirus infection COVID-19, quarantine measures have been tightened and the curfew has been extended.

This was stated by the Minister-President of the Brussels Region Rudy Vervoort on October 24, reports RTBF.

According to him, the country has galloping rates of infection, and the risk of collapse of the country’s hospital system is at stake in this.

At the same time, he admitted the lack of understanding and indignation of citizens due to the restrictions. The new measures will begin to apply from Monday until at least November 19.

In particular, a ban on all amateur sports competitions is being introduced, training will be allowed only for children under 12 years old.

All sports facilities will be closed, including ice skating rinks, fitness centers, and swimming pools. Cultural centers, theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibition halls will also be closed. A ban is introduced to gatherings of more than 4 people.

Recall that the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Europe is of serious concern. The UK and all EU countries except Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, and are included in the category of countries with an alarming situation.

As previously reported in Europe, in connection with the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, quarantine is being tightened in a number of countries.

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