“British” strain of coronavirus began to mutate

Scientists have found that the “British” strain of the coronavirus has begun to mutate. The changes are similar to those previously identified in the “Brazilian” and “South African” species.

It is reported by the BBC.

We are talking about the E484K mutation, which, presumably, helps the virus escape from the immune response and can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines used.

Scientists fear that the mutant strain may not only be more infectious but also find “loopholes” in the body of a person with immunity — that is, one who has been ill or vaccinated.

It is noted that in some regions of the country they began to conduct urgent testing to identify the mutation. So far, experts from the National Health Service have found only 11 cases.

At the same time, Moderna’s first studies show that its vaccine is effective against mutant strains, although the immune response may be reduced. Two other vaccines that may soon be approved, Novavax and Janssen, also appear to protect against this mutation.

We will remind you, earlier scientists also revealed a dangerous feature of the “South African” strain of coronavirus. The vaccines were found to be less effective than against the “original” COVID-19.

We also wrote that Germany will ban flights from five countries due to coronavirus mutations.

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