British scientists find out how long immunity lasts in who have had COVID patients

Scientists at the University of Oxford conducted a large-scale study that showed that the majority of people who have had COVID-19 will remain immune to a second disease for at least six months.

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This was said by one of the participants in the study, University professor David Eyre, reports CNBC.

British scientists concluded that the possibility of contracting coronavirus infection again within six months remains, but such cases were extremely rare.

The study authors analyzed information from 12,180 staff at Oxford University hospitals who worked with COVID-19 patients for over 30 weeks, from April to November. They were first tested for antibodies against coronavirus and then regularly tested for coronavirus.

Of the 11,052 doctors who did not have antibodies during the first test, 89 subsequently recovered from COVID-19 with severe symptoms. Of the 1246 physicians in whom antibodies were found, none with severe symptoms subsequently fell ill. This group was also less likely to receive positive tests in the absence of symptoms.

Recall that, according to the head of the study, a virologist from the Institute of Immunology of La Jolla (California) Shane Crott, immunity to coronavirus can last for years. Eight months after contracting COVID-19, a new study found that most recovered people still have enough immune cells to ward off the virus and prevent illness.

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