British scientists find out for whom COVID vaccines are more effective

Scientists in have said coronavirus vaccines are more effective for younger people than older people.

Writes about this edition of the Mirror.

The Department of Health England believes that vaccines can provide better protection for young age groups. Compared to older people, young people have a lower risk of contracting coronavirus or dying from complications.

According to British experts, will reduce the incidence rate across the country, and after two doses, transmission can be almost completely prevented.

Also, the results of the study show that after with AstraZeneca, hospitalizations among people over 80 years old have decreased significantly.

Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunization at the Department of Health, England, said: “We were able to show that even if people do get after being vaccinated, their risk of hospitalization and death will be markedly reduced.”

Earlier, we wrote that AstraZeneca plans to develop a new generation of vaccines by the fall that will combat new strains of coronavirus.

We also wrote that the inhabitants of refuse to be vaccinated with the drug of the AstraZeneca company. Doctors say they have used only 15% of the vaccine doses available.

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