British ports overwhelmed ahead of Brexit transition

At the end of December, the transition period after expires, in connection with which the ports of the are becoming more congested, which causes large delays in the supply of companies. Many companies, for example, IKEA and Honda Motor, report significant delays in the supply of goods and components.

According to a number of experts, this situation in UK ports is also associated with the traditional increase in stocks in the pre-holiday period. The main port of Great Britain, Felixstowe, has recently begun to refuse to accept new cargo.

As a result, companies have to ship their goods to other British ports, which increases the delivery time of goods, taking into account their movement by road and rail. However, this is preferable for many companies to downtime at Felixstowe.

Against the background of the negative consequences of the caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, congestion is also noted in many European and Asian ports, as well as in US ports, which have sharply increased transportation tariffs.

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