British general jumped out of a helicopter during an exercise and got lost

The British general, wanting to raise the morale of his soldiers, parachuted and disappeared. It turned out that the pilot had landed him 600 meters from the planned one. The military claims that the general was simply “where he was not expected.”

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British Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Carlton-Smith, took part in the CERBERUS military exercise, jumped out of a helicopter to raise the morale of the soldiers, and got lost, The Sun reports, citing its own sources.

The incident took place on November 10 at a training ground near Salisbury during an exercise in which more than two thousand soldiers participated.

The general was supposed to land secretly, according to the rules for conducting special operations.

The general, a former SAS Special Forces commander, was thrown into the wrong area while visiting a 300 square miles (about 770 square kilometers) test site. He jumped from a helicopter after dusk to cheer up the military. Only when he saw that the helicopter had departed, and no one was meeting him, “the newspaper noted.

The general was gripped by panic. The cell phone was down, so neither Carlton-Smith nor his assistants could get through.

In the end, the chief of staff was found. According to the military, he was not lost, but “was where he was not expected.” The military also noted that Carlton-Smith had “survival and rescue skills,” so he was not in danger.

It turned out that the pilot had chosen a landing site about 600 meters from the planned one.

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