British fighters intercepted two Russian planes

The British Air Force raised its Typhoon fighters on Saturday 28 November to intercept Russian Tu-142 Bear F warplanes in international airspace near British airspace.

This was reported by the press service of the command of the Royal Air Force.

The Typhoon fighters took off from Lossiemouth Air Force Base on Saturday morning, joined by the British Air Force Voyager from Brize Norton, which provided air refueling of the Typhoon. Two Russian Tu-142 Bear F aircraft were intercepted “, — the message says.

The British Defense Ministry noted that it is very important to control the movement of aircraft such as the Russian Bear F when flying near British space.

“To contain these unprofessional actions and reduce the risks associated with Russian military aircraft flying in this congested international airspace, the British Air Force Typhoon escorted two Russian Bear Fs and closely monitored their movements,” the Royal Air Force.

Britain’s NATO allies have also raised their Rapid Response Systems to assist in monitoring Russian aircraft.

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