Borrell accused Russia of trying to head towards confrontation with the EU

EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said Moscow is “more and more” moving away from Brussels.

“It is clear that Russia has embarked on a course of confrontation with the European Union,” the diplomat stressed.

According to him, the issue of relations with Russia remains on the agenda, it will be raised again at the European Council at the end of the week.

Among other things, Borrell recalled the “five principles” of interaction with Moscow, the relevance of which the foreign ministers of the EU countries confirmed at the last meeting.

In 2016, the EU adopted five principles on the basis of which all member states should build relations with Russia: full implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine, strengthening cooperation with the EU’s eastern partners, ensuring energy security in Europe, developing European-Russian cooperation on international issues representing interest for the EU, and support for civil society in Russia.

A European source in Brussels on the eve of the EU MFA Council meeting told reporters that the participants will prepare a strategic discussion on European-Russian relations, which will become one of the central topics of the EU summit on March 25-26.

In February, after his visit to Moscow, Borrell for the first time himself came up with an initiative for new anti-Russian sanctions over the case of Alexei Navalny.

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